Bernadette was born in Hertfordshire and studied Fine Art/ Art History at Goldsmiths' College in London, and stone carving at Weymouth College. Her work combines her love of Fine Arts with the traditional hand craft skills employed in decorative arts.
'I began making carved block-printed and patterned papers and wood relief prints; further research into period surface decoration and ornament led naturally to discovering the wonderful variety of traditional hand decorated papers'.
Creating Decorative Paper - Paste Papers
Sheets of unsized papers are decorated with coloured dyes using a 'fold and dip' technique which originated in China and Japan. Paper is folded, then clamped, bound, tied or stitched before dipping into the dyes. After dying, the wet paper is carefully unfolded and left to dry revealing a colourful geometric design with distinctive fold marks.
Decorated papers that are entirely hand painted are unique art works, perfect for framing and 'one of a kind' applications.
Creased Paper- a thinned layer of coloured paste spread on paper which is then creased up, and smoothed to dry.