Bernadette was born in Hertfordshire, and now lives and works in North Yorkshire.

After graduating in 1985 from Goldsmiths’ College, London, she moved to North Yorkshire to take up the offer of studio membership at Crescent Arts Workshop in Scarborough. In 1990 she studied Architectural Stone Masonry and Carving at Weymouth College to develop her interest and working knowledge of carving. Her work was selected to represent the College at the Stone Trade Fair in Amsterdam and she was subsequently awarded a travel grant to visit the Carrara marble quarries in Italy and attend the Carrara carving festival. Following a year of working, drawing and printmaking in Orkney, Bernadette returned to North Yorkshire and continued to carve for private commissions whilst working in education.

Her current work in wood relief printmaking developed from her love of carving,
employing traditional hand craft skills to make contemporary art prints.

I am fascinated by the traditional techniques of Japanese and Chinese woodblock printmaking and by the possibilities that this oldest form of printmaking offers to the contemporary artist: the relationship between the carved mark and brushed colour, between surface and depth, between paper, pigment and water, combined with the sensitivity of printing by hand. I work in small limited editions or variables of themes inspired by my local environment.

Bernadette's sculpture, prints and drawings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Yorkshire, Newcastle, London and Orkney, including: York Museum Gardens; The Chelsea Flower Show, London; Harlow Carr Garden, Harrogate; Swiss Cottage Exhibition Gallery, London; Calouste Gulbenkian Gallery, Newcastle, and the Black Pig Gallery and Pier Arts Centre in Orkney.